Company Profile

CEO – Prof. Bahram Resul



CEO’s Message:

“Awamedica is committed to quality! The quality of our products, quality of information and quality of every company activity have one single goal: Improving people’s quality of life! We develop the highest quality medicines, offering only the best for you and your family!”



Awamedica is a privately held pharmaceuticals company that develops, produces, markets and sells a broad range of pharmaceuticals catering for the needs of Iraq and also international markets.

Awamedica’s customers, both public and private, as well as its international partners, are offered affordable products of a quality that is of the highest standard, thereby ensuring both efficacy and safety.



In 2004 Dr.Bahram Resul was asked to come back to his home country and lead the project to build a pharmaceuticals manufacturing company that should meet all international demands for Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP.

He was asked to do so against his background as Associate Professor at Uppsala University in Sweden and for 22 years Head of Medicinal Chemistry at Pharmacia, today Pfizer.  He is also the co-inventor of latanoprost, a major drug for the treatment of glaucoma. (

The call should be seen against the fact that many low quality and also counterfeit products are being sold all over Iraq

Following two years of project planning in Sweden, Dr.Bahram moved to Erbil in 2006 to implement the project and oversee the on-site construction work. The company was officially opened in October of 2009 and the first products reached the market early 2010.

Prior to the product launches Awamedica was inspected and approved by the regulatory authorities of the Ministries of Health both in Erbil and Baghdad. The license to manufacture medicines says that Awamedica meets European quality standards – a fact confirmed following inspections by a major European company.


Products and markets:

Awamedica is one of the few companies in the region that makes its own product development and today it has more than 100 products in the market and many more under development. The products are in the form of tablets, capsules, liquids, dry syrups and semi-solids, such as ointments and creams, covering the therapeutic fields of gastroenterology, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases as well as infections, diabetes, allergy and pain.

The private market is reached through a well-known distributor with sales forces covering both the Kurdistan Region and the rest of Iraq. Awamedica also organises sales to the Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Region.

Kimadia, the Ministry of Health in Baghdad procurement organization, is a major customer of Awamedica, which has been, and still is, very successful in winning Kimadia tenders. Awamedica has an office in Baghdad handling relations to Kimadia and the Ministry of Health.

Awamedica is a profitable company currently selling more than 50 million packs per year, a number that is rapidly increasing.


International operations:

Following rigorous inspections Awamedica became the only company in the MENA region accepted for full contract manufacturing for Sanofi, a French company and one of the biggest research based pharmaceutical businesses in the world.



Awamedica has a highly qualified staff of more than 200 people. Many of them have experience from working internationally, including in Europe.


Social responsibility policy:

Since its start Awamedica has actively supported social causes. It has also assisted the Kurdistan government in its work for improving the health care system generally.

The latter includes assisting the Ministry of Health in creating its regulatory authority, Kurdistan Medicines Control Agency, KMCA, a proposal for building a WHO connected Pharmacovigilance System (side effect reporting) for the country and on-site training of Ministry of Health personnel in quality control procedures, routines and documentation.

Awamedica also organises non product related scientific seminars with distinguished speakers, primarily from Sweden.

Peshmerga forces and families and underprivileged groups receive free medicines from Awamedica.

Awamedica is also the sole supplier to major Non-Governmental-Organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Medair and IMC.

The appreciation of Awamedica’s Social Responsibility efforts is well expressed in a 2015 letter from the Ministry of Health in Baghdad:

“In view of you high patriotism and active contribution in helping patients, we would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to you company and your staff, wishing you perpetual success and prosperity in serving our beloved country Iraq.”


Awamedica – Swedish Expertise and Quality.